AAAHHHHHH THE COLLAB OF UR LITTLE LESBIAN DREAMS IS HERE!!! Justy is my good pal & I've always been a fan of her music and I'm so excited to be able to work with her. Profits from this hat will go to her plus an organization of her choice, which is the Audre Lorde Project!

Here's some words from Justy:

“When I say I’m stuck with me it’s sort of like a declaration to myself. This is who you are and you only get 1 of you so you better learn to love yourself because you’re the only one that will like that.

The song as a whole speaks to my journey of self healing and really anyones. When you place all of your love in someone else and they decide not to love you anymore you may find yourself empty. But if you put that love into yourself no one can ever take that away from you. You can truly be self sufficient if you see the value in yourself and you don’t have to worry about that draining process of giving and giving only to regress again.

I wanted to work with the Audre Lorde Project (ALP) because I know how impactful the feeling of community can be for be for people within the LGBT+ community and having a safe space to uplift community wellness and push for the progression of social and economic justice is incredibly important for the now and future generations to come. As Rinse Repeat Regress is all about self love, I wanted to choose an organization that speaks to that aspect of loving and uplifting as well."

Isn't she great????


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