Collection: PRIDE 2022 BABEEEYY

Hi, it's me, Jess! Everything in this collection was designed & made by me in my basement while my cat yells at me. Except for the items labelled SOFT GOODS - those were made by Celina (an icon) and you can see all of her pieces here.

With this lil collection I want everyone to be able to show their PRIIIIIDE and embrace their gay ass. Loving who you are is iconic and hot!!!! And we needed a cool alternative to the corny Target collection... yikes!

Special thanks to all my pals for modelling, Celina for taking amazing pictures, and my roommates for dealing with me.

So yea, I hope you like it! xoxo love u


Not sure what to get them?

Get them a gift card!!!! Let them choose for themselves!!! They're too hard to shop for anyway!!!

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